How to Locate Your Towed Vehicle in Los Angeles, California?
Towed Vehicle in Los Angeles

No one wants to experience the sinking feeling of realizing their car has been towed in Los Angeles. Whether it was parked on private property without permission or exceeding the allowed time on public property, it’s essential to know the best ways to locate your towed vehicle. In this article, we’ll explore the steps you can take to find out if your car was towed in California and find my towed vehicle in Los Angeles, California to retrieve it safely.

Reasons for Vehicle Towing

Cars get towed in Los Angeles for various reasons, including parking on private property without permission or exceeding the allowed time on public property. When such violations occur, the property owner or city has the authority to tow your vehicle without prior notice.

Contact the Towing Company

If your car gets towed, the towing company is required to notify the police about the tow. Subsequently, the police will inform you about the towing and provide you with the phone number and address of the tow yard where your car is being held. Be sure to call the towing company promptly to find out who towed your car and retrieve your vehicle.

Look for Towing Company Signs

In some cases, towing company signs may be posted in the area where your car was towed, especially on public properties. These signs serve as a courtesy to inform people about towing rules. However, on private property, such signs might not be present, necessitating your investigation.

Impoundment by the Police

If you violate parking laws in Los Angeles, the police may impound your vehicle. Instead of towing it to a private towing company’s property, the car will be taken to a police parking garage for storage. To retrieve your vehicle, you’ll need to contact the police or use the Los Angeles Official Police Garages website to find your car.

Using the Los Angeles Official Police Garages Website

The Los Angeles Official Police Garages website allows you to search public records for towed vehicles stored at police garages in Los Angeles. You can use the vehicle’s license plate number and state of issuance or VIN to find your car. The website is updated regularly, so check back every 60 minutes for new information.

Contacting the Los Angeles Official Police Garages

If the website doesn’t retrieve a record of your car, don’t jump to conclusions. There may have been a clerical error in entering the details. In such cases, call the Los Angeles Official Police Garages directly to speak with them and conduct a thorough human search for your vehicle.

Private Property Towing

When your vehicle is towed from private property, it will likely be taken to the nearest tow yard, usually managed by the same local towing service in los angeles. However, it could also end up in a partnering towing company’s yard. In this situation, you can ask the property owner for towing information or contact the police for assistance. If these options don’t work, research local tow trucking companies online for contact information.


Discovering your car has been towed can be distressing, but knowing the best ways to locate it in Los Angeles is crucial. Always check for towing signs and promptly contact the towing company if your car is towed. For police impounds, use the Los Angeles Official Police Garages website or call them directly. Remember that communication is key in retrieving your towed vehicle promptly and avoiding additional fees and complications.

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